Case Studies

Please NOTE that final determination of test cases for archiving will be made in Phase 1 of the project, and is dependent on resolution of IP and technical issues, and on project resources. NONE of the following has been finalized.

  1. Adventure, aka ADVENT and Colossal Cave
  2. Mystery House
  3. Mindwheel
  4. Works of Deena Larsen
  5. Second Life electronic books (“prim books”)
  6. Spacewar! (MIT, 1962)
  7. Star Raiders (Atari, 1979)
  8. Sim City (Maxis, 1989)
  9. Civilization I/II (MicroProse, 1991-1996)
  10. DOOM (id, 1993)
  11. Warcraft I/II/III (Blizzard, 1994-2003)
  12. PLATO
  13. Life to the Second Power (Second Life)
  14. The International Space Museum (Second Life)
  15. Democracy Island (Second Life)
(Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities (MITH) Rochester Institute of Technology (Game Design & Development) Stanford Humanities Lab U of I